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Mover Pricing

Minor House Moving



RM 350

1 trip

Full load of 1 ton canvas lorry 

One trip (<=15km) 

2 workers

Pick up from ground floor 

Unloading to ground floor destination

* Assembled furnitured will have extra charges



RM 250

Special lift lorry

One trip  (depends on distance)

2 workers included

Inclusive to plastic wrapping

* Transportation surcharge may apply depends of distance

Major House Moving


 RM 3000

2-day job

1 x 3 ton canvas lorry

One trip 

6 workers (3 workers per day)  

30 Boxes 

Opp tapes included 

2 rolls Shirinkwrap 

* Assembled furnitured will have extra charges

2 day job (1st day packing & 2nd day moving & unpack) 


RM 5000

2-day job

 1 X 5 ton canvas lorry 

One trip 

8 workers (4 workers per day)  

50 Boxes 

Opp tapes included 

4 rolls Shirinkwrap

1 roll bubblewrap 

* Assembled furnitured will have extra charges

2 day job (1st day packing & 2nd day moving& unpack) 


RM 10000

3-day job

2 x 5 ton canvas lorry 

One trip 

8 workers

100 Boxes 

Opp tapes included 

6 rolls Shirinkwrap

2 rolls bubblewrap

* All dismatle and assembly are included

3 day job (1st day packing & 2nd day moving &3rd day unpacking)

Optional Charges*

  1. Any additional materials or supplies used or need to be used will be informed to customer 
  2. We will get agreement from customer on the estimates of extra costs before proceed to use additional materials.
  3. The materials prices are listed in the table. 
  4. Dismantling will not include any electrical, wiring or wall drilling job except prior arrangement is initiated with service provider with agreed charges base on the services.
  5.  If work cannot be completed within normal working time,   the extra time may result in extra charges. 


Items Price
Shrink Wrap (per roll) RM60
Bubble Wrap (per roll) RM200
Additional worker From RM100
Carton boxes (per pc) RM11
Opps tape  (per roll) RM3.5
Dismantling & Assembly Charge based on the furniture
Extra Trip Charge according to distance
Driver overtime charge  (per hour) From RM 25 ( Klang Valley)
Worker overtime charge (per hour) From RM 20 (Klang Valley)
Storage  Please call to get quote


*Applicable for house moving and  lorry rental local travel distance.  Outstation may have extra charges incur. 

*Based on best estimate of normal working condition.

*Actual working enviroment to be assessed on site by RS Speedy Logistic Services staff.  Meanwhile, please provide photos and description of actual working enviroment during inquiry for us to provide best estimate quotation to avoid dispute.

Lorry Rental Pricing



RM 200

1 ton

1 ton canopy lorry

One trip (<=15km)

1 driver included

Excluding loading and unloading of goods



RM 350

3 ton

3 ton canopy lorry

One trip (<=15km)

1 driver included

Excluding loading and unloading of goods



RM 450

5 ton

5 ton canopy lorry 

One trip (<=15km)

1 driver included

Excluding loading and unloading of goods

Terms and Conditions for Moving and Lorry Rental Services:

  1. Available for Monday to Sunday (9am to 5pm), including public holiday.  Service provided beyond 5pm will be subjected overtime charges.
  2. Service available in Klang Valley and throughout Malaysia.
  3. At least 3 days advanced booking is required.
  4. For condo move, please get management approval. If driver is unable to enter the condo, we are not liable to reschedule or replace the lorry to another date. A separate lorry rental is required for any rescheduling for this situation.
  5. Any additional fee incurred during the move such as security deposit to management and parking fee to the building during loading and unloading,  shall be paid by the client.
  6. RS Speedy Logistic Services reserves the right to impose additional charges should any of the following unforeseen circumstances occur, but not limited to:
    • Additional staircases that were not make aware to RS Speedy Logistic Services during the quotation process.
    • Presence of narrow lift(s) or faulty lifts that could not fit large/heavy items that are being moved, resulting in the need for RS Speedy Logistic Services to use the staircase to move the items.
    • Lifts that were out of service during the move resulting in the use of staircase to move the items.
    • Any additional requirements that require to use additional manpower, packaging material and equipment.
  7. No valuable items shall be packed during move.  RS Speedy Logistic Services is not responsible for any loses if any personal valuable items is missing during the move.
  8. Customer will be required to sign off a form to acknowledge that the listed (high value) items have been safely delivered by RS Speedy Logistic Services and accounted for to be free from any damage or defects. – Any damage or defects that are discovered for the remainder of the items which were delivered by RS Speedy Logistic Services, RS Speedy Logistic Services shall be notified of any claims for compensation within 48 hours after the date of service. – RS Speedy Logistic Services shall also be provided with the original packaging materials and contents as proof of the damage or defects for further investigation. – RS Speedy Logistic Services’ liability is strictly limited at RM200 per job for verified damage. All other types of loss or damage are excluded (including but not limited to lost profits, income, interest, future business), whether such loss or damage is special or indirect, and even if the risk of such loss or damage was brought to RS Speedy Logistic Services’ attention.

Payment Terms :

  1. Mode of payment by cash and online banking only.
  2. 50% online transfer upon confirmation of work upon invoicing prior to the commencement of any service.
  3. Balance payment by cash or online banking before unloading of items.
  4.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUE OR CREDIT CARD . For other payment methods, please call us at 013-342-3846.
  5. Refund Terms : Any refund will be processed within 14 working days.
  6. Cancellation Policy: – 100% refund for cancellations at least 48 hours prior to appointment date and time – 50% refund for cancellations less than 48 hours prior to appointment date and time – No refund for cancellation less than 24 hrs prior to appointment date and time

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your pricing negotiable?

Our pricing is based on the following factors:

  1. Type of move 
  2. Distance of the move
  3. Type of lorry
  4. Manpower needed to perform the move
  5. Packing and unpacking service
  6. Wrapping service
  7. Dismantle and assembly service

Most of the time we are able to adjust the pricing based on your actual needs. Therefore it is important for us to get details on your move to ensure affordable pricing for your move.

How about pricing for Johor, Penang and other states?
We do not publish pricing in Penang, Johor and other states as it will vary based on the actual requirements.  Please contact us to get a free quotation.
Is the pricing final?

Our pricing in the invoice is final based on the stated requirements especially if there is a site inspection.

There are situation where extra cost may imposed.

Some of the situations are and not limited to the below:

  1. Extra large items that could not be dismantle and can only move out from the window.
  2. Piano to be moved to or move from 1st or 2nd floor by stairs inside your home.
  3. Extra electrical work on appliances such as air conditioner etc.